2018 May Student of the Month

Upon first meeting Chad Mohr, one might assume he’s quiet and shy, but soon it becomes clear he has a huge heart and a spirit for life. He goes about his day respectfully, without drawing undue attention to himself. He engages in his classwork, treats others with kindness, and values others. Chad’s personality is full of kindness and humor; he always gives his best, with a positive, genuine attitude. For these reasons, Chad has been named May Student of the Month.


Chad loves sports, so it’s only natural that throughout his high school career, Chad has participated in football, basketball, and track, as well as his favorite sport, baseball. He plays year around if he can, having played in many spring and fall teams as well as in the summer. Chad’s dedication, hard work, and his reliability make him a leader by action. He is willing to take risks and show initiative as a student and as an athlete.


If he’s not participating himself, he attends almost every extracurricular event to show his school spirit and his support for others. Chad’s patience, kindness, and genuine sincerity are outstanding characteristics that draw others near to him.  Chad is one of those people who can become friends with everyone, as he has a knack at making others feel valued.


Those strong values are clearly part of family bond between Chad and his parents, David and Amanda Mohr, and his sister Faith. The Mohr family will spend time supporting each other at school events, spend time with extended family, and go camping if they have a free weekend. When Chad has some free time from his busy extracurricular schedule, he might be working a shift at Casey’s in Boone, or he might be outdoors hunting, fishing with his grandpa, or spending time with his girlfriend.

Chad’s future plans include attending DMACC where he will continue to foster his love for athletics by studying athletic training and physical therapy.

     Congratulations, Chad, on being named May Student of the Month!­­