2017 October Student of The Month

Jacob Hinman is such a positive, friendly young man, it is no wonder he has been selected as October’s Student of the Month. He exemplifies what it means to be a Bulldog: he always gives his all, with a positive, genuine attitude, and a huge smile on his face.

Through his high school career, Jacob has actively participated in cross country, basketball, and track.  Qualifying as a cross country team for state in both 2015 and 2016 have been highlights of his athletic experiences. Jacob’s personality is exactly what his coaches are looking for in a senior leader and role model: he works hard, stays positive, and builds up team morale. There is no doubt Jacob is an essential member of each of these teams with his positivity.

Jacob has stepped up into another leadership role this year by serving as senior district leader. He is serving as a senior leader for Bulldog Nation. This is a program that has divided the student body into 15 different districts, and the senior leader within each district works on team building, building school spirit, and providing a support network between students. Jacob is so genuine and caring for those around him, and he spreads positivity with his sense of humor and charisma.

When Jacob isn’t participating in school activities, he might be out running, either for fun or in competitive races in the area. He is often found with his friends, especially his cross country teammates, who are like family to Jacob.  Sports are a huge part of his life, so he spends his time cheering on some of his favorite teams, like the Hawkeyes, Patriots, Cubs, or the Heat. Jacob also enjoys reading and watching some of his favorite TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother or That 70’s Show.

Jacob is the son of Bill and Julie Hinman and has two older brothers, Cory and Tyler, who also were cross country runners. This is just one of many shared interests among this tight-knit family.

Jacob’s future plans are undecided at the moment but include exciting possibilities. He hopes to continue running and is leaning toward majoring in sports reporting or journalism. No matter what Jacob decides about his future, he will surely do it with passion and conviction.

Jacob has always held himself to the highest standards.  He is a wonderful young man with a passion for life and learning; he is sure to go far, not only in miles running, but also in life. It has been an honor to have him as such a vital member of OHS.

Congratulations, Jacob, on being named October Student of the Month!