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Interview with Sydney Bishop

October 17, 2012

During 8th hour on a glorious day at Ogden High School, I conducted an interview Sydney Bishop. She was in the art room, hard at work on her art projects.

I started out the interview with a tough question, hoping to stump her. 

Me: "What era would you like to live in and why?"

Sydney did not hesitate to answer, "70s because they dressed cool and had neat clothes. They also had neat cars. Neato! Vroom vroom!"

The questions get easier as the interview goes on. 

Me: "What is your go-to outfit and why?"

Sydney replied, "Jeans and a t-shirt. And sometimes a necklace to add some extra oomph."

Me: "What about shoes?"

Sydney: "Tennis shoes...are a must!"

*Sydney would like me to note that she did not say "are a must." I added that in for extra effect.

Me: Describe your hair in 3 words.

Sydney: Blonde, Brunette, Beautiful

Me: Name your favorite word or phrase.

Sydney: Son of a nutcracker (from Elf)

And lastly, to finish up the interview, I had her fill in the following quote: Keep calm and _______.

Her response was: Keep calm and keep keeping calm.

This concluded our interview.


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