Online Payment System for Lunch Accounts

Online Payments

Online Payment System for Lunch Accounts at Ogden Community Schools

Ogden Community Schools has recently opened on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal a new option for paying for student meals.  On the parent portal you will now see in the left hand column a new tab called payments.  You will now be able to go in and electrically deposit money to your student’s meal account.  Using this option means you will no longer need to send money with your student. This feature allows you to put different amounts in for each student depending on how much they use.

Instructions to setup your online payment:

• Ogden Community Schools Web Page
• Under the Parent & Student Tab click on Infinite Campus Portal
• Login
• Payment Tab, left hand side
• Register your credit cards and banking information (written in blue)
• Complete the information. If everything is correct, click save

Making a payment:

• Once you have set up your payment method, you do not have to do this again unless you decide to use a different account
• You can then enter the amount you want to put in your student’s account
• The minimum payment is $5.00. You will also see a button that says select estimated amount. This is the amount of money that your student spends on average per month.

Technology Requirements:

• Recommended browsers are Firefox or Safari
• The browsers must be a newer version
• Adobe Flash (you may have to download a new version of Adobe Flash, if you can’t download it from the site, search for Adobe Flash and download it from their web site.
• If your computer does not have all the updates and required programs, it will not allow you to make an online payment.