Who we are:

Ogden Alumni Association has been established to build bridges to previous graduates and faculty of the Ogden School District.  It’s mission is:

  1. To inform Alumni of the current developments in the Ogden School District and Ogden Community.
  2. To facilitate events for alumni, including annual class reunions, fundraisers and galas, as well as organize the annual Homecoming Hall of Fame inductee banquet.
  3. To raise funds for future school and community endeavors. 

Our Vision

The Ogden Alumni Association has a deep passion to see Ogden Schools and Community continue to thrive.  In small town Iowa, it is vital to continue to build the integral foundation that the Ogden community has always been – a school district with high importance on education, a community with strong relationships and a city with vision and passion for growth. 

Ogden Schools and it’s community are in competition with surrounding areas. We need to compete with them for enrollment and population by becoming the gold standard by which other communities are measured.  We want students to look at Ogden as the standard by which all other schools strive to be.  We want to be respected as the leader in both small town living and high standard education.  Bridging the gap between Ogden and its alumni is essential in carrying out this vision. 

Who can help?

We are looking for passionate Ogden alumni to be our Foundational Members and help get things started. These members will be allowed to nominate inductees into the Hall of Fame, be a vital part of the first year’s activities by participating in our first kickoff event – The 2014 Spring OAA Gala.  In the summer of 2014, Foundational Members can help facilitate OAA Class Reunions for the OHS graduates of xxxx and xxxx during Fun Days and in the fall of 2014 help with the 1st Annual Hall of Fame Banquet during Homecoming.

Specific Designations

  • Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Gala Chair
  • Hall of Fame Chair
  • Reunion Chair
  • Subcommittees

Contact Us

Ogden Alumni Association

Ogden, IA  50212