Reasons you will get a call from the Nurse


You will always get a call from the nurse or secretary if your student has a fever, is vomiting, having diarrhea, appears to have pink eye, is complaining of an ear ache, has an injury that could require stitches, has a bump to the head and there is a concern for developing a concussion, a swollen or bruised limb, or possible broken bone.

We do not call parents for every band-aid or ice pack given to students or every time kids come to the office complaining of not feeling well as there can be other reasons a student does not want to be in class or has these complaints.  Examples would be no breakfast before school, rough start to the day prior to coming to school, a subject student struggles in, or a test. If your child comes down multiple times with the same complaint we will generally call you to inform you and let you decide how you want to handle.

Students can be injured at school and have no bruising or swelling at the time of the injury. Sometimes those symptoms will develop later in the day or evening.  We make every attempt to contact parents if we are aware of illness or injuries that appear to be serious. There are times the student does not share with staff that they were injured or do not feel well. 

Our district nurse tries to visit each school building everyday and is on call to each building through out the school day. It is greatly appreciated when parents inform the teacher or secretary when their students have had a rough start to the day or are complaining of not feeling well, but have no symptoms that would require them to remain at home.  Also letting the school know if a new medication given at home has been started so staff can observe for potential side effects. This information can be very beneficial to the teacher and nurse in working with your student during that school day.