Local Scholarships

West Central Excellence in Ag Application


Deadline= January 29th by 5:00pmm

New Century FS
Deadline = February 1st

NEW Cooperative
Must be enrolling in an agriculture major at a 4 year university or a 2 year with an ag transfer program.
Deadline = March 3, 2017


Boone County Pork Producers Scholarship


Boone County Cattleman

Apply HERE


Boone County Republican

Apply HERE

Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

- Must attend Boone DMACC campus

ADK Application

Deadline = April 15th


Boone County Bowling Association


 Deadline March 31

Dan Sesker Memorial Scout Out Scholarship
Deadline- April 1st

Sharon Carson Nursing Scholarship

A scholarship fund has been established with the Ogden Community School District Scholarship Foundation to honor Sharon Carson.  Sharon graduated from Columbia Hospital School of Nursing in 1966 and began her Nursing career in Milwaukee, WI.  In 1968 Sharon moved to Ogden and began working for local physician Dr. Linder.  While Sharon enjoyed many other careers during her life, it was her love of nursing and the people she would care for that brought her back to the field Sharon had a great compassion when it came to caring for people, they were like family to her.  She enjoyed the friendships she made with the people, and also their families. Sharon never viewed nursing as a job, she loved going to work each and every day.  She enjoyed listening to their stories, learning new things, helping them heal and providing comfort when their life's journey came to an end.  

Carson Scholarship

Deadline - April 1

Harold Grant Scholarship
Harold Grant was a Boone County veteran, farmer and educator who valued education and upon his death in 2015, left a fund to provide for college scholarships for Boone County students. Mr. Grant was very patriotic and community minded and to qualify for the scholarship you must write an essay between 250 and 500 words on the subject “Service to country”
Harold Application

Lucille Burman Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship fund has been established with the Ogden Community School District Foundation in Memory of Lucille I. Burman, a long time supporter of education in the Ogden and Grand Community School Districts.

Burman Application

    Deadline April 1


Mike Samuelson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in the memory of Mike Samuelson by the generosity of his friends and family.  Mike had three passions in his life; his family, farming and Iowa State. Mike had the opportunity through Iowa State and agriculture to make many friends and touch many lives. He will always be remembered by those that knew him as a caring, friendly and hard-working man.

Samuelson Application

Deadline April 1


Ogden Education Association

Ogden Education Association

Deadline April 1


Marci Reimers/Vision Bank Scholarship

Reimers/Vision Bank Scholarship

Deadline April 1

Janet & Larry Tryon Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship fund has been established with the Ogden Community School District Foundation to honor Larry and Janet Tryon, long-time educators. Larry taught and coached in Iowa for forty years. He began his career in 1964 and retired from Ogden Community Schools in 2004. Larry passed away in May 2008. With the exception of ten years that she stayed home to raise their three children, Janet also taught during this time period, retiring from Ogden Schools in 2004. While they lived and taught in five communities around Iowa, they served the longest in Ogden (1977 to 2004). In addition to being strong supporters of education, they also believed in the importance of student involvement in extracurricular and community activities in order to build good character and strong leadership qualities.

Tryon Application

Deadline April 1


Ogden "Water Buffaloes" Scholarship

The Ogden Men's Club was created with the ideals of community participation and betterment. One of the best ways to give back to the community is through supporting our youth, who have best demonstrated these ideals by supporting their continued educational efforts. To that end, we have chosen to make a financial commitment in the form of a scholarship.

"Water Buffaloes" application

 Deadline April 1


Boone County Rotary Scholarship

Boone County Rotary

Deadline April 1


Ogden Lions Club Scholarship

Lions Club Application

Lions Rating

Deadline April 1

Ogden Community Women's Scholarship

Community Women's Application

 Deadline - April 1


Stanley R. Friesen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of Stanley R. Friesen, a long time educator and principal of Ogden High School from 1970 until his retirement in 2004.  He left a lasting legacy in the Ogden community by initiating and leading the senior class trip to Washington D.C/New York City for over 40 years.  Mr. Friesen valued strong academics as well as as student involvement in school, community, church activities.  He encouraged each individual to do his or her best, and he was a good role model by his own involvement school, church, and community.

Friesen Application

Deadline - April 1


Boone County Hospital Scholarships

Boone Hospital Application


Metcalf Memorial Scholarship

This $500 scholarship has been established in memory of Cid (Cynthia) Metcalf. Cid was an employee of Boone County Hospital for thirty-two years. Her career ended as she was getting ready for work and had a stroke. Cid began her career at Boone County Hospital as an OB technician and continued to expand her knowledge and training, reaching the position of Accountant. Her attention to details earned her the respect of Administration and the financial auditors.  Cid grew up in Eagle Grove and attended in Community college in Fort Dodge. She has many family members and friends in the Eagle Grove, Fort Dodge, and Webster City areas. She was an avid fan of many sports. In the spring, she and her husband would host NCAA parties where the games were on multiple TVs, and in the fall she wouldn't miss a Raiders football game. Cid also enjoyed being outdoors working in her yard and seeing the many different animals that would come to her feeders. Family was very important to Cid and enjoyed organizing family gatherings. The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Cid's memory by establishing a scholarship for a student pursuing a business or technical/professional program. It is hoped that the recipients of this scholarship will approach their career with the same commitment and joy that Cid did.    

Metcalf Memorial Scholarship Info

Deadline April 15th

Peoples Bank & Trust (Ogden) Scholarship


Peoples Application
Deadline = April 15


Gary Alban Journalism Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of Gary Alban, a 1956 OHS graduate, who was publisher of The Ogden Reporter from 1966 until the time of his death, in December, 2010.

Applicants must be an Ogden graduate, attend either a 2 or 4 year program majoring in the field of journalism and planning a future career in the industry.
Include with this application an essay including the following points:
(1)The reason you have chosen this career.
(2)Your plans to use journalism in the future.
(3) Any past experience or jobs related to newspapering or journalism.

Alban Application

Deadline May 10

John Emerson Scholarship Application



Scholarship applications must be emailed by February 15, at 12 midnight (EST).


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