Ogden Community Scholarship Foundation

A not-for-profit educational foundation


Box 441

Ogden, Iowa 50212


What is it?

A non-profit foundation organized by citizens in the Ogden Community in 1964. This group¬ôs purpose is to promote higher education through scholarships.

Why is it needed?

Because substantial numbers of graduates from Ogden High School who have the ability and the desire to continue their education are unable to do so due to inadequate finances. The existence of this foundation will encourage more of these young people to seriously consider advanced education or specialized training.

Who is eligible?

Any graduate of Ogden High School. A high school senior may apply for a scholarship and receive tentative approval. However, the actual scholarship will not be dispersed until all of the requirements for high school graduation have been met.

How will scholarships be granted?

All applications will be reviewed by the board of directors of the Foundation. The approval of a scholarship requires the majority of the directors voting in favor of the application.

Who supports the Foundation?

Our Foundation is supported by Alumni and friends of the Ogden community who are interested in advancing educational opportunities for our young people.

How can you help?

All gifts are welcome and may be of any size, from a few dollars to large estates. The Foundation provides a general fund that is invested, and the interest will be used for scholarships.

What is needed?

  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Property
  • Wills and Bequest
  • Trust Fund
  • Money

Gifts may be of any size and are deductible not only for income tax purposes but also for Federal estate and Iowa inheritance tax purposes. Actual tax savings will depend on the size of the gift and other factors. There are certain limitations on tax deductibility and, therefore, we recommend consulting with your attorney regarding any large gift.


Other Points:

  • No administrative salaries
  • Recognized trade and vocational schools are included, as well as other specialized schools which provide recognized or accredited training.
  • Further details on this program may be obtained from the Foundation.
  • The success of OHS graduates around the world is well documented and now all our resident's graduates will have the same opportunity to go on to post-secondary education. This is a fabulous incentive as a way to improve the quality of education for OHS students.

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In cooperation with:

Ogden Community Schools

Superintendent Jon Hueser

732 West Division Street

Ogden, IA 50212



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