Who do you know that could join the Top Dogs?
We are coming up on the 5th year of Ogden's Top Dogs Hall of Fame, and looking for nominations. 

     To be a Top Dog, a candidate must be nominated by the public and chosen by an anonymous committee. Anyone in the community will be able to nominate an applicant for the committee to choose from. Applicants must be Ogden Alumni or former staff, and 5 years removed. A full list of criteria is under the Criteria tab. The submission window is open now, and you can fill out a nomination form here, or you can print out a form and turn it in to the district office. Nominate anyone before the deadline of April 1, and then another group of excellent Top Dogs will be selected and inducted!
Submit your nominations now!!
Previous Inductees:

2016 Inductees: Gaile Carlson, Lillian Kruse, Bob Morgan, Gary Paulsen, Larry Tryon, and Jesse Sundell

2017 Inductees: Gary Alban, Stan Friesen, Annika Gustafson Parker, and the 1992 State Runner-Up Football Team

2018 Inductees: Mike Banks, Dr. Ben Paulson, Claudia Paulson Shepherd, and the 2000 State Champion Shuttle Hurdle Team (Annie Blyth Wearmouth, Lindsay Clark Tucker, Kristin Peterson Wilson, and Karen Swanson Olson)

2019 Inductees: Dr. Bonnie Beer, John Emerson, Wade Sundell, Steve Tonsfeldt, and Jodi Tymeson

2020 Inductees: IT'S UP TO YOU!



  • Why are we doing this?

    • Our goal is to recognize high achieving Ogden alumni and former staff who have excelled in their various fields either during school or after. We want to celebrate the successes at Ogden and increase pride in OHS.

  • How many people can be inducted?

    • There could be anywhere from 1 to 5 inductees in the current and subsequent years.

  • When will inductees be announced?

    • Once the committee selects the inductees, the inductees will be notified. This will occur during the month of May, allowing inductees, and friends and family, to make arrangements to attend the ceremony at Homecoming later in September.

  • How will this be funded?

    • The Ogden Alumni Association has offered financial support, as well as other community groups, to help us with this project.

  • How is the committee selected?

    • The committee is comprised of teachers, students, and community members who are of high integrity and will remain anonymous. They are assembled by Mrs. Boyd.

  • What criteria must an applicant meet?

    • To be nominated, an applicant must be 5 years removed from the school. S/he must be a positive role model and have shown outstanding achievement in his/her area (academics, arts, athletics, sciences, military service, humanitarianism, etc.). The applicant and all inductees must maintain a clean criminal record as well.

    • A complete list of criteria is accessible under the link: Criteria.

  • What happens at the induction ceremony?

    • Inductees, family, and friends, are all invited to celebrate and recognize the inductees. Dessert will be served, and a brief program will be presented, which will include the history and achievements of the inductees.

  • What if the applicant I submit is not chosen?

    • All applications are encouraged to be resubmitted in the following years to be reconsidered. One individual can submit more than one application. Multiple submissions does not guarantee induction as a “Top Dog”.