Top Dogs Criteria


Persons nominated for the Top Dogs hall of fame at OHS must meet one or more of these requirements:

  • Received high recognition or honors by the state or district/conference in a sport while representing OHS (all-state football first team, four-time all-conference baseball first team).

  • Received high honors academically by the state or area while attending OHS (national merit scholar, all-state academic award).

  • Received high honors in the arts-music, speech, and/or art- by the state or conference (four year all-state music, national art show winner).

  • Candidates may also be nominated for outstanding achievements after attending OHS (NFL members, Broadway members, curing cancer).

  • Teams can be nominated for outstanding achievement in a single year (undefeated football team during regular season, nationally ranked show choir, Knowledge Bowl state champion).

  • Coaches and teachers can be nominated for outstanding achievements during their career (Golden Apple Award, 500 career wins).

  • Persons who have prevailed through difficult obstacles in order to achieve a goal are also eligible (Conquering a terminal disease, persevering through a disability).

  • Persons who have served and sacrificed through military service.


In addition to the above, candidates must meet these requirements:

  • Candidates must be a minimum of 5 years removed from direct association with OHS (graduation, retirement, etc.). Teams can be nominated 5 years after their successful season.

  • Persons must maintain a clean criminal record. (If team is inducted but one individual does not meet this standard, that individual will not be recognized or named.)

    Any candidates not accepted at the time of entry are encouraged to submit again in subsequent years. Nominations must be resubmitted in order to be reconsidered.