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Class trip set to continue for years to come
 “Stan Friesen Senior Class Trip” - named in honor of former OHS principal
    For the past 45 years Ogden seniors have been boarding buses for the annual senior class trip out East. Supt. Dr. Tim Hoffman, finishing his second year at Ogden, soon learned how passionate the community is about this annual trek to Washington, D.C. (now including Philadelphia and New York City). Since 1972 it is estimated over 4,000 students, staff and parents have made the trip.
    When rumors began floating around that their beloved trip may be in jeopardy the community grew concerned.
    Apparently under the “Free Public Education Act” a school cannot require any fundraising or fees for activities taking place during days of instruction. Therefore, any trip taken during the school year (not including holiday breaks or spring break) must be paid by the school.  OHS students have always done fundraisers to help lower the cost per student. The student was then responsible for the balance.
    According to Supt. Hoffman, during the past two years, the auditors have just written Ogden up. But they are now planning to enforce the rules.
    Having the school pay all expenses was not feasible.
    So, in order to continue the trip, Ogden basically had two options:
    1) Move the trip off of school instruction days, or
    2) Make it a non-school event.
    Retired school teacher/athletic director Brian Reimers, who took over for Stan Friesen after his passing in 2011, initiated establishment of a new 501(c)(3) organization that will oversee the trip. The senior trip will continue, just no longer under the auspices of the school district.
    A private seven-member board now coordinates all aspects of the class trip, from scheduling, to insurance, to financing.
    Reimers says those not involved behind the scenes probably will not detect any difference.
New name
    One big change the community will notice, however, is how the trip will be referenced from this point on.
                  In 1972 a couple of students approached then Principal Stan Friesen with an idea. He took the idea and ran with it. As the saying goes, the rest is history. In his memory the OHS Senior Trip has been officially named The Stan Friesen Senior Class Trip.
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